Friday, December 24, 2004

Knees Up Mother Brown

Tentatively pushed some earrings through ear lobes. 'They' didn't tell you all those years ago that wearing earrings can be such a trial for some people. The reason I have trouble is because it had to be done twice and left a little tunnel going nowhere. Sometimes the post of the earring goes down the wrong hole and inflames the area (what would you expect with all the probing, rolling around and poking). I can just visualise me at a hundred years old, with one earlobe down to my waist. It must be a genetic coding that have females punching holes in their ears. Did Palaeolithic woman find she got an easier time of it with a glittering object stuck to her ear, touching some cord in Palaeolithic man ? Or even through the nose ?

It was this post that just begged the question. Why ?

...tottering around on twin towers with bleeding ear....Palaeolithic woman

Update : Google Ads came up with this solution.


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