Thursday, December 23, 2004

Diamond In A Star

and other odd ball stories(the best of 2004 in my opinion).

In February scientists discovered a diamond the size of a small planet , a ten billion trillion trillion carat gem, 2500 miles wide and weighs five million trillion pounds, 3,300 light years away buried within the core of a white dwarf star in the constellation Cepheus.

Pigeons released at a traffic junction follow major roads, turned right then left at junctions showing they didn't bother with their own navigational systems around major roads.

In March the tiniest time span ever recorded was measured by scientists. Using laser light pulses they distinguished events to within 100 attoseconds - a ten million billionth of a second. It's similar to the difference between one second and 300 million years.
Makes one think in what kind of world will that kind of information be useful ?

These statistics make quite an impression.

75% of the world's population have never made a phone call.
One in ten young people have never heard of the Ten Commandments ( I presume that's in Britain).
About half of all humans that have ever lived have died from malaria.
In 1990 the average age of video gamers was 18, it's now 29.
12% of Coca-Cola consumed in the USA is drunk at breakfast.
The Royal Mail is now receiving 400 complaints an hour - as much as the German postal Services gets in a year.


Blogger Tom P. said...

About the tiniest time span... there is some significance for this. The question is, does time flow or is time a series of interrupted steps or quanta. According to modern theory, time jumps in quanta of 10 to the -43 seconds. This is called Planck time and no smaller division of time has nay meaning.

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