Thursday, December 23, 2004


G4, the band that should have won the X-Factor competition and the 1 million recording contract. Instead the title of winner of the competition and prize went to soulful Steve Brookstein. I bet all the bored housewives voted and ordered their dozen or so kids to vote for Steve or else....

G4 did not go empty handed. They won the Brylcreem Best Male Celebrity Hairstyle Award. Under the terms of the competition, they cannot sign a deal until winner Steve Brookstein has released his single and album. But I'm sure they'll be snapped up soon with an even better deal.This article is in total agreement with what I suspected all along. Now did the band call themselves G4 after the G4 Garage Band ? It's all too plausible. Their rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody is a favourite. This song got them through the audition and twice more on their way to the final. It also got them unlikely fan Liam Gallagher. Some people reckon they should have stuck with Queen and done Queen's little known track The Miracle as their voices . As seen when G4 sang Queen's Somebody to Love in the sixth live showdown. We could have had stunning performances of other Queen anthem-type songs such as We Are The Champions or Barcelona. Freddie Mercury even performed Barcelona with the opera singer, Montserrat Caballé. Or alternatively, they could have done a Beatles song to bowl the maidens over. Sigh! Instead we have I-think-I'm-so-sexy Steve.Steve was likened to Freddie West the serial killer, by Louis Walsh, X-factor judge and manager of West Life. Sharon Osbourne, the other X-Factor judge, effed and swore at his last performance which helped swing the sympathy vote in his favour.

Actually , this post is due to the sudden traffic I'm observing, of people searching for Il Divo and ending up on my blog on the post I wrote about them way back in August.
But I do admire G4, the classical and rock operatic buskers, who once earned the princely sum of 640 pounds after four hours of busking. In some respects they are much better than Il Divo, the classically trained operatic singers, each earning over $350,000 per annum .

Soulful I-think-I'm-so-sexy Steve Brookstein


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