Sunday, December 12, 2004

Melt-in-your-mouth Mocha heaven

Marks and Spencer Chocolate Yule logs dunked in a real roast coffee.

Feijoada update. It was stupendous. Or rather the close approximation was stupendous. I substituted Cumberland sausages instead of spicy ones, red and black-eyed beans instead of black beans. As the group consisted of both adults and children finnicky about what they ate, everything was cooked and served separately. Consequently there were lots of dishes to wash up. One child was sick in the night and the next morning tried to blame it on the previous night's supper. Luckily his mother remembered that while throwing up he asked her not to let him eat too many sweet things. Witnesses recalled seeing the stick-insect clutching handfuls of biscuits at various intervals in the evening.

We didn't have any approximation for the cream of wheat beer. Instead we had mulled wine. There's something about mulled wine that heralds party time. I did cut out a recipe for banana beer from last week's newspaper. Maybe next time, the genuine feijoada article and some banana beer.


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