Sunday, December 19, 2004

Watercolour Calendar

The 2005 Calendar Watercolor Lesson-A-Day with Dennis Pendleton.

Dennis R. Pendleton ISBN 1-57939-175-3
Accord Publishing Ltd

I got mine from the bookshop Books etc. Art suppliers may stock them. Highly recommended.
By popular request, here's more detailed information:-
Ordering information
more in the series

You find you are at your most relaxed when absorbed picturing something in your mind and moving the brush over the paper to accomplish the same effect, a small detail at a time.
These are the artist's (Dennis R. Pendleton) impressions. Note the naivety in my impressions. I really must try some of his tips. ( Red + Yellow + Blue = Grey) is one combination I haven't tried at all. For Grey I use a watery black wash and add Blue to inject a bit of life but the blue tends to end up being applied too thickly, so the colour looks like a dirty blue..


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