Monday, December 13, 2004

More watercolours

Ancient cave painting

Evening in Central Park

Cave Spirit

Stalker at the theatre

Boarding the Trolley and Winter

These tiny drawings (6"x5") came as a 2005 calendar with a watercolour palette of just five colours : blue, red, yellow, green, black. Part of the fun is mixing the colours, and the other part is being able to complete it in five minutes. Some of them look much better on paper than the ones translated here. I'm already painting well into February. I'd recommend it to anyone as a great way to relax and take the mind off things. It would make a great Christmas present. There are also tips by a well known artist but I've paid scant regard to them so far just let my eyes draw their own conclusion. His examples are fantastic. I can't believe this costs only 10 pounds. My drawing skills are rusty to say the least so I'm getting some good quality watercolour paper cut to this size and will start drawing some of my favourites from this collection and from this list I posted at the JavaRanch.
City Rythm

I've also put my name down to exhibit for free some paintings in a bookshop Books etc. in June 2005. This exercise will give me some idea whether to leave my name on the list or not. They'll look at samples and decide whether they want to back the venture or not. I like doing trees and buildings. The other day a TV news reporter stood reporting outside Parliament or the Westminster Offices, and the pale yellow stone backdrop looked just like a painting, the brickwork and shadows defined in thin pencil line shaded areas. Possibly the uniformity of the building and the sun shining dead on to the front of the building lent itself to that. I think I'd attempt that and perhaps some sundials and clocks on London churches and buildings. I quite like the new Eastern looking cucumber building. This is where the camera on the mobile comes handy. It's also useful for capturing the images in different lights to test what washes suit which moods. The difference between 100 watt, 60 watt and 40 watt light bulbs is quite distinct, as is daylight in different weathers. Claude Monet often returned to the same location at the same time of day, to achieve the lighting effect he wanted.


Blogger Tom P. said...

Those are great. Where do you get something like that?

5:17 pm  
Blogger Helen said...

Thanks Thomas. Not bad for a first effort - well, after a really long time. But paying attention to the masters is the key and maybe I'll develop my own unique style.

10:28 am  
Blogger Helen said...

I've posted ordering information on a previous post.

10:28 am  

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