Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Re: Feijoada

On Dec 8, 2004, at 9:57 AM, the mouse wrote:

> Thanks. The blog is at www.lecafemouse.blogger.com



works better. I concur with adding more garlic.
Also more hot pepper.. I normally eat mine with some
big splashes of Tabasco, but I think it would be
better all round with some drops of Dave's Instant
Insanity added earlier.

I have a wonderful decomposing South American cookbook
which has served us well for years. Carbonada criolla,
stew coooked in a pumpkin. Cariucho, steak with peanut sauce.
Lots of others.

regards, tom


Blogger Helen said...

How embarassing!
I had a few minutes before my car park ticket expired and I posted that in a hurry. But I'm glad you found it anyway, Tom Van Vleck.

5:12 pm  

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