Saturday, August 13, 2005

Horses for Courses

Henry Ford once said if he had asked the people what they wanted they'd have asked for faster horses.
Now that Concorde does not fly anymore, the people are asking for supersonic craft that can carry twice as many passengers as Concorde, fly twice as fast (London to Washington DC in half an hour), and no noise , without the sonic boom that restricted Concorde to TransAtlantic flights and no TransPacific travel.

By 2011 we'd see some of the results flight tested in this field.

Friday, August 12, 2005


Having watched Les Dennis in Extras one might be able to work out why there aren't any Chinese suicide bombers. Or English or American suicide bombers. The ability to put oneself through extreme humiliation renders the other obsolete. Not being able to take oneself too seriously has to be a factor.

Tim Berners-Lee may well have been richer than Bill Gates had he taken out a patent for the WWW. The problem with patents is then you have to worry about defending rights to absolute power.

Apparently, from nature we can learn that altruism and selfishness go hand in hand. How altruistic was Tim Berners Lee really in letting people have the world wide web free? To find the answer someone might have to liken him to a vampire bat that gives blood freely to less fortunate bats. And so it is with our genes. What might appear kindness could well be an act to ensure that something is in it for me.

Friday, August 05, 2005

Snap Happy

I've been rather snap happy lately. Have mobile phone, hang around at your peril. Some scenic snaps I took at Dover Castle. The second one is from the tower above the chapel where Thomas Becket was murdered. Go figure( though I admit it will be difficult given the lighting in the photo - So I hadn't discovered, then, the night time mode option which might have made the image clearer on the PC. The image details stand out just fine on the mobile phone viewer.)