Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Lance Armstrong wins the Tour de France for the 7th time

The inference that the Daily Mail has come to is that he probably has his sights on running for the Presidency next. Whether Sheryl Crowe would be considered good First Lady material will be decided by him in the run up. It doesn't bode well for her as he has dumped first girlfriend, so supportive when he first learnt he had cancer, for the younger mother of his three children borne from frozen sperm taken before his chemotherapy treatment. The young family has since been dumped for crow.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

London hosts the 2012 Olympics

Whey Hey ! I understand the team were unstoppable when putting forward their bid. And pitched against Putin's first public utterances in English.

Heard that there were explosions in London this morning. At times I feel I've really fallen through some time loops and regressed 20 years ago. Yes 20 years ago I ran the Race against Time, bought the Live Aid CDs etc etc., spoke against killing dolphins to put tuna on our tables.

Will technology really be allowed to make a difference this time ?