Sunday, May 30, 2004

Readings in Computer Science

Why can't I be here at this moment in my life ?
Readings in everything

Orcmid is in training to be a great teacher at age 65 ...

Friday, May 14, 2004

Tips for growing roses

In winter they can be grown from root balls and in summer from container-grown plants. Dig deep and mulch with the right fertilisers and feed. Tomatorite feed may work for most flowering plants but check.
Pruning is an art and the type of pruning required depends on the type of rose plant, bush or trailer etc.
Good reference books on growing roses are :

Wednesday, May 12, 2004

IBM to launch new Operating System

IBM is coming to town , better watch out M$.

IBM to launch Microsoft software bypass

IBM calls the software technology "client middleware" — a type of operating system that runs business applications on "clients" such as desktop PCs, handheld devices and advanced types of mobile phone. It is an extension of IBM's successful software strategy that has focused on dominating the markets for middleware — software used by corporations to run large IT systems and e-commerce operations. IBM's software group achieved more than $14 billion in revenue last year.

This blog puts in some perspective
IBM thinks the time is right

IBM in middleware :

Monday, May 10, 2004

Souris, Prince Edward Island

Souris, a town, is located in Kings County in the eastern portion of Prince Edward Island, E. of Souris West. Its precise location is 46'21"N, 62'15"W.

I must hasten to add that the island has no connection with me or this site, as beautiful as it is. Select location Souris, Prince Edward Island .

Souris is French for mouse - hence the user name - Word of Mouse or Mot de Souris suggesting that this could be a place to discuss pressing matters at some length (why else go to the trouble of creating a blog ).
Le Cafe and Bytes is ideal to free respondents to discuss technical matters from time to time.

That said , we have license to dig and delve in our respective borders. Huh? you ask.

Le Prince Jardinier. (That is one of a helluva business idea , easy for a man born into aristocracy I imagine. Contrast this with another neat idea - buying into some co-operative where the co-operatives put in spare hours to get a share of the produce in return). Yes, this blog will have some discussions on gardening.

Hmmm. I can see that this blog could get very confusing very quickly. The sooner I find how to split posts into forums the better.