Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Pioneers of the Millenium

Tim Berners-Lee has been awarded a cash prize of 1.2 million dollars for inventing the World Wide Web, winning the first Millennium Technology Prize..

"If I had tried to demand fees ... there would be no World Wide Web," Berners-Lee, 49, said. "There would be lots of small webs.Building the Web, I didn't do it all myself," he said. "The really exciting thing about it is that it was done by lots and lots of people, connected with this tremendous spirit."
Despite his prize, he remained modest about his achievements.

Berners-Lee now runs the standard-setting World Wide Web Consortium from an office at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Other people I would nominate for the award, based on what I've read. Your mileage may be different.

Rajiv Mody of SASKEN Ltd.

Dial 911 on a cell phone and the location pops up on the emergency operator's screen then think of an unassuming software engineer thousands of miles away in Bangalore, India. The man is 46 yr old Rajiv Mody founder and chairman of Sasken Ltd. one of the world's leading providers of wireless communications software. Japan's NEC have turned to Sasken, and companies like Ericson, Intel and Sharp as rhey sought to upgrade their products multi-media capabilities.

This icon of Indian technology was founded oddly enough in a garage in Silicon Valley on about $40,000 of Mody's savings. " years later Mody (born in Gujarat) moved his fledgling company toi Bangalore. The move gave him an edge in hiring the best graduates of Indian technical universities and helped infuse Sasken with an austere corporate culture.
Mody's two great heroes are Mahatma Gandhi and Warren Buffet.

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Wednesday, June 09, 2004

More Readings in Computer Science

Don't know where he gets the time amongst other responsibilities
but Thomas Paul reviews books, thousands of them, mainly Computer books. He has been awarded a title Top 1000 Reviewer of the year
or similar which probably means he has reviewed 1000 books.

You can also find him at JavaRanch where he is sheriff extra-ordinaire. And also trying for part-time teacher extra-ordinaire.

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