Saturday, February 05, 2005

What every IT practitioner should know

The bit about NOT rewarding people for doing overtime but rewarding them for planning to finish the day's work in time is a 22 carat rule.Personal Chemistry and the Healthy Body

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

I've grown used to my blog

I've had to view my blog on the Internet Explorer 6 browser on various computers as mine was being repaired. This browser drops the right hand side to below the other posts. In an effort to compromise I tried other templates but couldn't find any I thought I could stick to and kept coming back to this layout.

I'm afraid this blog will look like this forever. Best viewed in the Mozilla Firefox browser. I've become used to it. Though I just might drop the Google ads to the bottom and possibly add a panel of paintings along the far side. Japanese sumi-e art will look stunning. It's like art a step or two above calligraphy.

I thought my blog was pretty unique but it appears not.
Where U from Man ? looks remarkably similar.

The Mouse Pad Internet Cafe at Bondi Beach is an interesting variation on the Mouse theme.