Thursday, May 05, 2005

Life Skills (Continued)

Standards and Measures vs Metrix

at which point do you show compassion in situations like watching a child assess the risk of being hit by the mother or father but still take the chance of approaching.

A child's confidence crumple in the face of discrimination (obesity and/or race ) - when do the carers go and make them whole again quickly so that they can carry on again.

Or workers still trying to assess their work - life - balance but risk going out in the community and find that standards and measures have reversed (sic) and there is continued and aggravated aggression. Who is going to rescue those people who have held things together in the past across political parties and racial groups, perhaps not too well.

Surely fair is fair both ways. Chances should be given earlier rather than later.When might it be too late ?

The question of personal responsibility becomes harder when you look at both sides of the equation.

My metrix would be based on trust in men of their word based on past experience and boy,haven't they disappeared in certain professions.

Happily so far I can see men who hold true to their word where the application of science and soul/heart is pure.