Thursday, March 31, 2005

Got a date for an Exhibition but no paintings

I have a little exhibition in a bookshop in July but no artwork as yet.

These are the titles for the images I have in my head.

Tiger Lily
Cat among the Pigeons
Robin Camouflage
Woodpecker and Blue Tit in the Primroses
Monet's garden - Series of an actual garden in France created by Monet
The garden of Eden - tropical spots from the Eden Project
Spring Blossoms
View from Shirley Windmill
Shirley Hills Thicket
Let Sleeping Tigers Lie
Shirley people - a series of portraits
Londoners Weekend Retreat at the Glade circa 1920

Two of them will definitely involve some travelling - Monet and Eden and while at it, might as well visit Cornwall for a few seascapes.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Design Patterns

Design Patterns - Christopher Alexander studied both Mathematics and Architecture.
I'v been concentrating on the architecture side so much that I've forgotten the mathematical element.