Sunday, November 07, 2004

Teenage Kicks of the Undertones

The legendary BBC Radio One guru John Peel played the 1978 indie single "Teenage Kicks" ot The Undertones until the grooves wore flat. Recently he said that he rated songs from albums with stars - three stars for may play, four stars for must play ,up to a maximum of five stars for definitely must play. For this, his favourite song, he gave 28 stars.
One of the band framed and presented the original lyrics, with corrections crossed all over, to him on his 60th birthday. John had to disappear for 15 minutes to have a good cry. John was a one-off radio presenter. There never will be another like him , no apprentice waiting in the wings to take over.

What better tribute to the late John Peel than to play his song.
Teenage Kicks of the Undertones


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