Sunday, October 10, 2004

Putting the garden to bed for winter

It's a daily sweep up job now that the trees are shedding the leaves. The apple trees are shedding their leaves yellow while the pear tree sheds black leaves.
The geraniums and fushias go back in the greenhouse cut back and repotted in small pots. All the extra compost goes back into beds dug up and re-composted for winter bulbs and plants. Out come the chrysanthemums, violas, pansies and primulas in all the colours mentioned in this post.Winter Colour
Our single robin who hasn't left us all year and the blackbirds are having a feast in the beds turned over. They don't eat together and as the blackbirds outnumber the robin I have to shoo the blackbirds away occasionally. So I think I'll leave it a while before planting out the winter plants. It'll probably be a good time to treat the fruit trees and perhaps put out some arbours for grape plants next year. In the morning I chucked out a handful of peanuts in their shells and by evening they had disappeared. Our single grey squirrel most likely picked them up and buried them somewhere for winter. I'm thinking of puting out a webcam to capture nocturnal goings on in the garden. Not to run every day but only when some treat or bedding has been set out for the wildlife. That would teach the young nieces and nephews some eco-sense. They are being so good with their pocket money and already show signs of having financial sense.
Food for thought : Most UK recycling waste is exported to China who then do the minimum recycling required with scant regard for the environment.


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