Tuesday, September 21, 2004


Do all these labour saving devices actually save time?

Because we have washing machines we wash clothes maybe twice a week.
With a tumble dryer you are more likely to up the washdays to 3 days and maybe also wash and dry the odd item just because you can bung it in.

All that time far exceeds ye olde washday once a week which included washing the occupants of the house. (No ironing labour saving device as yet, none that do the job properly.)

These days you probably have not one but two or three computers. You can get parts and software cheap from e-bay. You are probably building machines with all sorts of capabilities from them. Sooner or later I'm probably going to rip mine apart after visiting car boot sales and raiding the kitchen of it's utensils, spoons, forks and colanders. I reckon I am going to build me some art. Full armoury and steel animals come to mind.

The point is, we are stuck in a time machine of our own making.

The solution is apparently to plan ahead to save time and money. A month from now you should know what you'll be eating because you have stocked your freezer up on all the bargain offers. Holidays are planned a year ahead soon after you have been on your last one. Lack of planning can catch one out. You should know just how much detergent you use and calculate to the penny how much garbage you generate. Soon the more garbage you produce the higher the council tax you pay.

Face it, those are some of the few variants you are likely to be able to control. Though it'll be nice to have some surprises planned in and may they turn out to be pleasant ones.


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