Wednesday, September 15, 2004


Bear Bibault a bartender at the JavaRanch created this game Enter the Blackbox from a 70's board game.

It's really good. He created it using JSP 2.0 and HTML running on a TomCat server.
I find that inspires me so much but cannot think of a board game that translates well to playing on the web. Creating the game as a multiplayer option is a pre-requisite I feel. Bear is working on his game with this in mind. But what a great start.

The inspirations I have in mind run from a game based on professional people,lawyers and estate agents and politicians that you might get to dunk as the game progresses.That would best be kept single-player.
Wonderland(Stinky & Loof) from http://www.BigFishGames.com is a family favourite. I can see this one getting there too.


Blogger Helen said...

Still searching for the trash can symbol on my blog. The weird thing is I can see it on other peoples blogs.

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