Friday, September 10, 2004


I don't know what's happening here but this site is up there on Steven Berlin Johnson's Blogshares and up-for-trade.
(Sep. 14 - it's off now)

Time for a chunder.
Ok, think we have it sussed. It's a way of determining how many valuable links a blog has, incoming and outgoing. By including these links here(outgoing) I don't believe this blog's blogshares will sky-rocket overnight. But I'm leaving them here for a while to watch. I cannot believe ebay is worth more than General Motors and has only been in existence for a mere six years.

Green footballs politics (B$10,719.46)/
Instapundit.com (B$9,339.00)
Seeing things (B$9,054.27)
whiskey river (B$8,992.22)
snowdeal.org - conflux (B$8,492.24)
The Poor Man (B$8,450.06)
Index: Best of Dappled Things (B$8,446.87)
stevenberlinjohnson.com (B$8,357.90)
monkeyclaus - The latest news from the world of monkey (B$7,831.05)
Blogue dos Marretas (B$7,195.11)
Alex Ross: the Rest is Noise (B$6,652.99)
Jim Romenesko\'s Obscure Store and Reading Room (B$6,616.78)
Oxblog politics review (B$5,442.89)
Nomen est Numen. (B$5,350.76)
Blogue dos Marretas (B$4,993.30)
Cruzes Canhoto (B$4,762.60)
The Poorman (B$4,697.57)
Overlawyered.com (B$4,494.40)
Sheila Astray's Redheaded Ramblings (B$4,057.78)
Roll_The_Bones (B$3,759.53)
Diderot's Diary (B$3,400.00)
Snog Blog (B$3,313.52)
largehearted boy (B$3,288.15)
à Gauche (B$3,217.88)
ebalogaalne (B$3,170.15)
Rebel Prince (B$3,148.53)
Jerz's Literacy Weblog (B$3,099.43)
EconLog (B$2,949.70)
barnabé (B$2,881.55)
Limbo (B$2,854.49)
gapingvoid (B$2,760.37)
Absoluteyi (B$2,750.00)
Silêncio (B$2,691.62)
Blog.org (B$2,652.14)
sparky v3.0 storm - but in this I'm a rain cloud (B$2,644.69)
Sodden Revelations (B$2,640.37)
Sand in the Gears (B$2,612.31)
Editor: Myself (Persian) (B$2,605.09)
Via da Verdade (B$2,533.93)
Bijoy Venugopal @ LiveJournal (B$2,515.42)
KWSnet Radio Weblog (B$2,488.21)
Media, Technology and Society (B$2,303.27)
wood s lot (B$2,302.06)
Qualia (B$2,284.19)
Pejmanesque (B$2,274.72)
Limbo (B$2,244.70)
About last night (B$2,180.34)
The Big Eye (B$2,175.49)
Blog of Color (B$2,146.83)
The Blog of Color (B$2,139.01)
Tongue Tied (B$2,128.28)
hiving (B$2,110.41)
A Girl Called Johnny Panic (B$2,086.73)
Searchblog (B$2,010.76)
Legal Theory Blog (B$1,949.01)
Mark A. R. Kleiman (B$1,921.93)
the Literary Saloon (B$1,901.71)
d-42.com: the electronic home of Josh Cohen (B$1,873.46)
blog riley (B$1,844.53)
Eric Scheske: Notes Quotes and Aphorisms (B$1,833.33)
Harry Hatchet & friends (B$1,809.79)
Mr Power's Blog (B$1,806.97)
reverberations (B$1,799.58)
Epeus' epigone (B$1,737.53)
Orson's Telescope (B$1,726.33)
Gooseyard (B$1,693.76)
languagehat.com (B$1,691.93)
timcat's ModBlog (B$1,689.87)
Steven Allen (B$1,650.00)
O Mundo de Claudia (B$1,626.14)
david foster (B$1,608.04)
GAUCHE (B$1,578.18)
The Whale of Ignorance (B$1,566.20)
Gulfstream (B$1,528.80)
Crapass (B$1,517.45)
Ghetropolitan Journal (B$1,515.08)
James Brink (B$1,512.66)
wood s lot (B$1,502.50)
The Early Days of a Better Nation (B$1,498.81)
The New York City Anti-Hipster Forum (B$1,487.56)
02sweb design (B$1,466.67)
Knowledge Problem (B$1,440.49)
close your eyes (B$1,427.97)
Open Brackets (B$1,421.51)
collision detection (B$1,421.08)
newthings (B$1,411.67)
Quartzo, Feldspato & Mica (B$1,410.36)
James Brink (B$1,379.46)
The Peking Duck (B$1,379.35)
due torre (B$1,317.17)
House of Hock (B$1,283.25)
Crooked Timber (B$1,273.48)
A saintly salmagundi (B$1,263.28)
Overholt's Observations (B$1,256.86)
Blog Left: Critical Interventions (B$1,247.19)
Socialism in an Age of Waiting (B$1,240.52)
meatTossMonster (B$1,226.62)
whiskey river (B$1,216.70)
Out of Step Jew (B$1,215.30)
Alex Ross: the Rest is Noise
Arts Journal
Brothers Judd
Current Electoral Vote Predictor 2004
Daily Dish
daily star
Green footballs politics
Healing Iraq
Jim Hightower
Jim Romenesko's MediaNews
Jim Romenesko\'s Obscure Store and Reading Room
Legal Theory Blog
Marginal Revolution
Martin Kramer on the Middle East
NathanNewman.org - News and Views
Opinion Journal
Oxblog politics review
Political Animal
Semi-Daily Journal
SEO Reviewer
Straight Up
Talking Points Memo
The Command Post
The Edge Of England's Sword
The Loom
The Religious Policeman
The Revealer
Tom Paine
Turning the Tide
words without borders


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