Friday, September 03, 2004


The way the RSA organisation introduced itself triggered some half memory of a group called the Freemasons who operate through Lodges throughout the world.
Some Lodges have a very good Christian centre and others are deemed "irregular" to even Satanic. Even the regular ones have rumours going around of strange rituals like " *edited- family members invited to read* " at initiation ceremonies.

So buyer beware. That last could have been recounted to me just to keep me away.
For a bit of background on Freemasons read on:

"Great Britain, the cradle of freemasonry, has 350,000 members. The name "Freemason" is a contraction of "Free Stonemason", a guild of mediaeval cathedral builders.

As the techniques of the trade needed to be kept secret, every apprentice wanting to become part of the guild had to take part in a very strict initiation ceremony. At the outset, freemasonry had religious influences, which the Masonic symbolism embodies. Life is viewed as a building to be completed and each man is a block of "rough ashlar" or unhewn stone that must be worked on to be a part of the invisible Temple."

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