Friday, September 03, 2004


This has been a week of invitations and the week hasn't ended yet.

Alright, I solicited one invitation by sending an e-mail to someone who was offering to give GMail invitations away. My life has just become easier by a factor of 20.

The second invitation arrived by post. The letter said "The Trustee Board has noted your success and has asked me to invite you to stand for election to Fellowship of the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufacture and Commerce. Election is only available to those whose achievements set them apart."

I checked the date. No it wasn't April the 1st. Did I do any kind acts in the last year like help old ladies cross the street? Not by a long shot. Success ? Hah! Nil!

Puzzled, I read further. The RSA's five key challenges are Encouraging Enterprise, Moving towards a Zero Waste Society, Fostering Resilient Communities, Developing a Capable Population, Advancing Global Citizenship. In 1754, a William Shipley was inspired to develop a fund to support improvements in the liberal arts, sciences and manufactures. The first meeting was held in a coffee house in Covent Garden.

People who make up the membership of the RSA ?
Benjamin Franklin, William Hogarth, Samuel Johnson, Joshua Steele, Karl Marx, Sir David Attenborough, Sir Terence Conran, Betty Jackson, Baroness Kennedy, Lloyd Grossman, Cherie Blair, Lord Rogers, Tom Stoppard, Sir Simon Rattle, Jon Snow, Stephen Hawking, Nelson Mandela, Alex James, Anthony Gormley, Julie Walters, Gavin Esler, Dianne Thompson, Manolo Blahnik, Andrew Marr, Ben Okri, Sir Christopher Ondaatje, Tim Smit, Sir Adrian Cadbury and Professor Martin Rees.
Lloyd Grossman and Cherie Blair kind of spoilt the list for me. I'll have to mull this over and promptly forget it afterwards. In all probability. They appear to have a good library.



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