Friday, June 24, 2005

Reiki Healing

I did enquire at the doctors whether Reiki Healing might be available on the NHS.
Here's a blurb about what it is.

Health is wealth. This old saying raises new interest in the present era. Humans are realising the imporance of complimentary therapies along with conventional medecine to achieve holistic health. Reiki is such a complimentary therapy that works at all levels of being i.e. physical, mental and spiritual.

What is Reiki ?Reiki is a Japanese term which means 'universal life energy' the energy that lives in all creation and is inherent to all living beings; nourishes them and keeps them alive.
Dr Usui, a Japanese theologist re-discovered the Reiki as a natural method of healing. Following a prolonged period of meditation, he acquired this art of healing and transferring reiki energy to others. A reiki therapist is a person whose energy centres are attuned to act as a chanel and vibrate higher amounts of energy. A reiki therapist can help accelerate the healing process by transferring this magnetic energy to the healer through his/her hands.

What Reiki is not !Reiki is not a religion, as it holds no doctrine. It is a very ancient science or technology hidden in th eTibetan sutras and was re-discovered by Dr Usui for human well-being.

Benefits of Reiki

Those who use Reiki often feel as if their inner energy is enhanced. Emotional energy blocks in the form of conflicts are released leading to greater relaxation. toxins of various sorts are removed and greater vitality and stimulation of body is experienced. Reiki helps reklease blocks that causes disease and pain. It activates and transforms inner energy and helps enhance immunity.

Importance of Healee
In reiki therapy , Healee is not a passive personality but plays a crucial role in his own treatment. Because reiki is never given or sent but is drawn by the healee. The healee draws an appropriate amount of energy from the healers hands thus there is never an overdose and it never goes wrong. this happens however with certain persons only who have some unconscious need to remain in the disease. Reiki is a wonderfl tool to achieve greater health and harmony. As one cannot really express how it feels to feel the light, reiki needs to be experienced to be appreciated.

Anyone with personal experiences of Reiki I'd be delighted to hear from them.

I am currently reviewing some Educational links in Japan for those with dyslexia or mentally impaired.

It may help with the sessions of clinical scientific pscychology that I was offered instead. That's what you get when practising NRLP on one's own and not bringing yourself back safely.
£5000 with Paul McKenna was way to expensive.....


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