Saturday, April 09, 2005

The 263 successor to St Peter

It will be hard to beat a world event like the funeral of Pope John Paul or Joannus Paulus II or his real Polish name Karol Wojtyla. Four million people, pilgrims and atheists, thronged to the Vatican not so much for the event but to pay their respects to the man, a priest to the last, as the Cardinal conducting the funeral said.

The Vatican's site has a good summary of his life.

The Polish pilgrims apparently outnumbered the others singing a Polish chant that sounded like "Roll out the Barrel". The Pope will be remembered for his preaching for change for liberalism in Central Europe but he was an authoritarian figure in the Church he headed.

Mark Steyn of the Daily Telegraph's report on the Pontiff is an eye opener. (Thanks Thomas Paul.)


Blogger Tom P. said...

Your welcome! Mr. Steyn has said what many of us feel.

12:38 am  
Blogger Helen said...

After a long time I went to a Sunday Service near me.

We now have priests ordained through a license given through prayer from St Peter.

Next month an ex-Roman Catholic priest will be so ordained to lead an Anglican church in Addington. A place equivalent to the NY Bronx of the time when the Bonfire of the Vanities was released.

10:25 am  

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