Saturday, June 11, 2005

Hypothesis - The Creator's Testament to Modern Man

I have given you DNA programmed by evolution through millions of years. It has form , function and instincts derived from your anthropoid ancestors. You have evolved the gift of language and intelligence to process the ability to reason, to enquire, to have abstract thoughts from which you may experience rich emotions. The blessings bestowed on you are to be used to live in peace with fellow men, animals, plants, and the elements of the earth.

From your ancestors you have inherited the urge to reproduce to preserve your pecious DNA. Many of the secrets of nature are now revealed to you by your probing curiosity and rational analysis. This knowledge can be used for good or evil.

The legend of the serpent who gave Eve the fruit of knowledge is a terrible warning ; beware not to succumb to the temptation of greed, envy, fanatic hatred and lust for powerto dominate others. If you continue to multiply without constraint or consideration of the rest of the world you will swiftly exhaust irreplaceable resources, animal, vegetable and mineral, which will surely lead to destruction of your DNA and desolation of the planet.

You will have many hard decisions to make but I have given you the ability to choose. In the spirit of love and compassion towards your fellow men and all living creatures, animals and plants, use your scientific knowledge to choose and act wisely and to devise ways of sharing without exploitation, to live and let live.

I hope you become Homo sapiens , the alternative is Homo EXTINCTUS.
I wish you well. Roy Calne


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Interesting article.
(Hi,We all Ranchers waiting for you in Javaranch.!!)

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