Wednesday, August 25, 2004

What afternoons were made for

Tea at the Ritz.

Every day of the year this most British of traditions may be enjoyed in The Palm Court. Tea is served from noon and there are three sittings that may be reserved; 1.30pm, 3.30pm or 5.30pm. During the week a pianist plays and at weekends a harpist.

Afternoon tea sandwiches:
Smoked salmon with lemon butter on brown bread
Poached salmon with watercress on brown bread
Roast turkey on sun dried tomato bread
Cream cheese and chives on caraway bread
Cucumber and dill on spinach bread
Egg and mustard cress on brown bread
Salt beef and mustard on granary bread

Freshly baked plain and fruit scones with strawberry jam and clotted cream

Madeira and rich Dundee cake

Afternoon tea pastries and cream cakes:
Passion fruit mousse
Three chocolate mousse
Raspberry tart
Mixed fruit tart
Lemon meringue tart

The Ritz selection of tea or coffee
£32.00 per person
Inclusive of service and Value Added Tax

In order to avoid disappointment, reservations are strongly recommended. Gentlemen are respectfully requested to wear a jacket and tie. Jean style trousers and trainer type shoes are not permitted.

It was the Ritz I was thinking of not The Dorchester. But apparently The Dorchester does them too without the pianist or harpist and formal dress. I think it's still better value than, say, The Aberdeen Steak House which you find at every corner in and around Oxford Street. They could have put more effort in the number of cakes. Shock horror! They don't have strawberries and cream.
The dish has become too common for the Ritz to include it. Mille feuille ? Lemon meringue ?
And the breads! The British afternoon tea has been sabotaged. On second thoughts, stick to the country.


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