Friday, August 27, 2004

Google Ad Mad

This blog is going Ad Mad for a while until we see how things pan out(pun). Yes, we are officially gold-digging and have a sponsor. Google had the Adsense to approve their ads inclusion on the blog. Simply copy and paste from generated templates. Google don't give their approval indiscriminately either. A human reader browses through the blog. That's nice to know. Maybe it was late afternoon and he or she fancied some afternoon tea. Anyway we are Adseiling. That's enough bad jokes.

Early in the night I slipped in a lacy background image hoping to tip the scales in favour. I have more jiggery-pokery planned as I am trying out a Macromedia Flash trial.
A few adjustments to the ad placements are required. Jobs for tomorrow, the night is drawing closed.

Actually, I think I've reasoned it out. It must be all the links to Thomas Paul's 700+ Amazon reviews and the potential $$$$ revenue generation. Thank's Thomas Paul.
Even so I cannot understand why Anil Dash's
blog didn't pass the test whereas Steven Berlin Johnson's blog was approved. Hitchin' your wagon to a star publisher or reviewer has added bonus points.
Read his thoughts on his sponsors here.
I feel so Blogging Beautiful :smile: until the Inland Revenue turns up at the door before the first cheque arrives. I'll have a good laugh if the cheque is written out for the princely sum of $0.00. It'll serve the IR right.


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