Monday, August 09, 2004

The Learning Game: A Teacher's Inspirational Story

Amazon.co.uk: Books: The Learning Game: A Teacher's Inspirational Story:

This appears to be a must read for those interested in inspiring others, not just for teachers. Jonathan Smith also taught "poets like Christopher Reid and Charles Boyle, the biographer Anthony Seldon, entertainers and actors, and even the oscar-winning maker of When We Were Kings, Vikram Jayanti".

Note of interest: Is this Ed Smith-of-Kent-and-England-cricketing fame's father ? The Jonathan Smith who wrote The Learning Game, taught Vikram Seth at Tonbridge School and Seth's The Golden Gate has a place of honour on Ed Smith's bookshelf as does his father's book

Summer in February

Summer In February describes the stormy first marriage of the painter Sir Alfred Munnings.One of the strong points of the book ,apparently, is that it is very well researched ! :confused:

Also, Smith (Ed) believes that D.H. Lawrence's : Studies in Classic American Literature shows insights into America that are unsurpassed.
To the last I would add :
Democracy in America by Alexis de Tocqueville . After more than 150 years since it's publication, this analysis of the America still remains startingly apposite. Lightly written and with intelligence it stands as a definitive guide to the US and a founding text of modern liberalism. Or so I am told but decide for yourselves from this full-text electronic version.


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