Friday, August 06, 2004

Always On

Wi-Fi coverage is a requirement at conference hosting venues so that attendees can wirelessly surf the internet even during speaker sessions. When the networking works they sit in neat rows eyes glued to their laptops , not missing out on any live action as they have mounted webcams capturing the visuals on stage and displaying them on a small window on their screen.

While software boss at IBM Steve Mills was giving a speech on things being "leveraged" and "empowerment of modular design and componentisation" , screens alongside him had blogs shown running commentaries on the audience reactions. It wasn't flattering ! "OK, bring on the hook. Enough of the IBM commercial!".
"Blah blah say something!" read another blog. "Seriously , what is this dribble... what a waste of 45 minutes" said a third blog. Attendees can look at the blog screens without even making eye contact with the people sitting around them and read what they are saying about the panel discussion.

A technology breakthrough in getting rid of dull speakers. Wait till it hits every classroom. Scary!


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