Tuesday, August 24, 2004

'Il Divo'

Four tenors in a group called "il divo" is a new project by Simon Cowell in conjunction with BMG records in London to create a new sound that combines pop music with opera. Guess what ? When they sang, they shut Simon Cowell up.They each earned about £300,000 a year before they signed the recording contract, so this is the gourmet end of dining on music.The full album is due to be released in November/December and Il Divo's first single, a cover of Toni Braxton's Unbreak My Heart, will be out next month.

The Four tenors are : David Miller from Colarado , appeared in La Boheme on Broadway. He gave up the opportunity to debut as Cassio in Othello with the New York Metropolitan Opera to be part, instead, of Il Divo when he realised it's scope. In classical music you can either be completely caught up or be totally let down.
The worst performance I've been to was at the NY Met Op. The star of the show , Placido Domingo, cancelled on opening night and I guess the remaining performers of Aida felt equally let down and gave a lacklustre performance over two days. It was excruciatingly painful to sit through that, though the rest of the night in Central Park more than made up for it.

Urs Buhler from Lucerne Switzerland. He has sung with the Salzburg and Amsterdam Operas and is a star of Holland's oratario circuit.
Sebastien Izambard a songwriter and producer based in Paris he also performs in musicals and concerts. He has never sung true Opera.
Carlos Marin born in Germany of Spanish parents, he has appeared in La Traviata and Figaro and taken leads in Spanish productions of Les Miserables and Beauty And The Beast.

On another note, the TV program X-Factor starts in early September, with auditions like Pop Idol but open to all age groups. Watch out for a woman in her 40s , stopped by her husband from accepting recording contracts, twice, while in her 20s and 30s.


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